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    2. Since 1968

      With 50 years' refinement, Jinggong has become a large diverse high-tech export-oriented private enterprise.

      Jinggong has become a large diverse high-tech export-oriented private enterprise
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      It is a history of private enterprise entrepreneurship and a history of China's reform and opening-up. 50 years of endeavor, innovation and every step are the beginning of another reformation and development.
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      Address by Board Chairman
      The development of enterprise
      is an open, cooperative and progressive process
      Jinggong will hardly develop without the unremitting effort…
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      In the journey of practicing "Hundred Years of Jinggong", we have gained a heavy praise and praise. These honors are all engraved with the brilliant life of Jinggong people on the road of innovation; these honors are the awards given by the society, representing trust and support. We regard it as responsibility and motivation, urging us to move forward and surpass ourselves!
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